21 Ways To Make Her Happy

I know you love her but do you show it? Or do you show it but does she know how to read your love? Here are 21 ways for her to know you love her, and to reciprocate.

I’m sure they love each other. I know! Like everyone else, they have their times, their problems and disagreements, but knowing them just a little shows the respect, admiration and love they profess for each other. Theirs is a marriage that many of us admire. That is why I was so surprised when one afternoon, amid the bustle of her children and mine, she confessed to me that she did not feel loved by her husband.

Today, some time later, he has given me permission to share a little of his story. The night we talked, she decided to talk to her husband, who, surprised, assured her that he still loved her as much or more than the first day, but why didn’t she feel that way?

There are a thousand ways to show love, I share here 21 ways in which every woman wants to be loved, feel loved, know herself loved:

  1. Look at her. Observe carefully, realize what is happening to her, what worries her and show her that you know.

  2. Playing. A hug, a caress on her hair, take her hand and squeeze it under the table.

  3. Listen to it with all your attention. Without interruptions or judgments of any kind or solutions to your problems. Just listen to what she wants to share.

  4. Pamper her with small details that are important to her. It can be a flower, a cupcake or a simple ice cream and sit and talk in a park.

  5. Leave your favorite treat in a special place with a handwritten note.

  6. Prepare a romantic dinner. It can be in a luxurious restaurant, or in the living room of the house while the baby sleeps. You don’t need to make big preparations: a place and time to share it together will be more than enough. Although of course: every extra detail counts for a lot.

  7. Take care of your appearance. Take care of it for her. For example, what was once a masculine beard, now makes you confuse with Robinson Crusoe?

  8. Make her proud of you. Beat yourself and show him your achievements.

  9. Tell her that you love her, tell her especially when she needs it most: if you notice that she is looking disapprovingly in the mirror, if she has just had a disagreement with her parents, children, or a colleague from work; if you see her discouraged or sad.

  10. Spend time with her, do something together that you know she likes but had been postponed: watch that comedy at the movies, visit the museum, go see antiques.

  11. Help him with an activity that you know is not his favorite. Don’t ask, just wash those dishes, put the little ones to sleep, or clean up the living room after dinner with friends.

  12. Let him get some more sleep on Sunday while you tend to the little ones, walk the dog, or do the shopping.

  13. Look her in the eye, without speaking. Keep your gaze if possible for a minute, since it is true that the eyes are the door to the soul. Doing so is an excellent exercise in communication.

  14. Let him know you as you are, as is. Your vulnerabilities, fears, let him know you thoroughly. No woman wants the perfect man, believe me. Every woman loves the one who, fallible like everyone else, fights every day to be better.

  15. Dare to meet his family and live with them. I know they have their things, like all of them, but never speak ill of them, even if inside you die of desire. Remember that they have largely been the authors of that woman you love.

  16. Show her that you think about her throughout the day through text messages, or a call for no other reason than to tell her you love her. This is something my husband does and, you know? I love!

  17. Respect her, even in her absence. When they are together avoid turning your gaze to that pretty girl who has just passed by. Trust me, you will notice.

  18. Let it be. Sometimes you will need to cry, sometimes you will feel angry or happy for no apparent reason. Remember that even if you don’t know it, the reason exists. Accompany her in what she needs even without understanding it.

  19. Know their language of love. Gary Chapman, counselor, speaker, and author on marriage has developed the five love languages.

  20. Show her that you love her in front of others. Your parents, your children, your friends.

  21. Seduce her, always. I am talking, yes, of physical seduction and also in the intellectual, in the spiritual. Challenge her to be better, to beat herself and grow every day.

Do you want to make your wife happy? Love her, with virtues and defects, with good and bad days. “In health and in sickness, in prosperity and in adversity” also means in daily life, in routine, in fatigue and worries: always. Love her, love her, and you will see that the fruits of that love will not wait.

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