21 Foods That You Think Are Healthy But Affect Your Health

Are you looking to eat healthy or do you think you do? This list of 21 foods that you think are healthy will help you open your eyes and better feed yours.

Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but be frank, many times you have been tempted to eat a hamburger with French fries and some soft drink (soda) knowing that it will have serious consequences for your health and weight, but – bah! “What does it matter if it’s only one, and besides … the diet, I can start it again tomorrow.”

Of course, you do not think that you are gaining that pound that it cost you so much to lose, besides you are putting more cholesterol in your blood; yes, the same one that makes you feel dizzy, heavy and headaches knowing that it can give you a heart attack or diabetes sooner or later.

When you become conscious, you choose to eat healthier and change your diet, you start eating things that you consider healthy, and you say to yourself – “a little sushi would be useful” and of course you eat it, not one or two but you end up with half a dozen of them on your stomach until you feel like you’re satisfied. Well, what would you think if I told you that those 6 pieces of sushi that you ate will also make you gain weight? (Scare no)

Not every food that says HEALTHY on its label is HEALTHY and here you will find a list of 21 foods that although you think they are healthy, are doing their thing in your body.

1. Sushi

It is made with a base of refined rice (carbohydrate), you will gain many calories and more if you eat several of them. It is recommended that you consume it in moderation and those that do not have tempuras or fried, also reduce the soy sauce that you add.

2. Dehydrated fruit

It is fruit, yes, but it is not healthy since to preserve and dress it they add high amounts of sugar and guess the insane amount of calories that a cup of the dried fruit that you are going to eat must have.

3. Nectars or bottled juices

They are also high in sugar. So abusing them in the long run is terrible for your health. Better make your own at home, it will take time but your health will thank you.

4. Cereals

They own a large amount of hidden sugar. The problem is that since you think they are healthy, you eat a lot of them, thus increasing your calorie intake per day.

5. Margarine

Neither good nor bad, but as it is rich in fat, you will feel the consequences if you exaggerate its consumption.

6. Yogurt

Both the self-proclaimed “light” as well as the fruit flavors contain sugar, at least an amount equivalent to 7 cubes. One diet contains 3 and a half lumps, ( according to the sugartacks )

7. Protein bars

They are sold as healthy foods for athletes but some are not due to the sugar and carbohydrates they contain.

8. Sweeteners

Many things are said about these but none proven by reliable studies. However, they are bad because it can alter the intestinal flora causing glucose intolerance.

9. Agave syrup

It is considered healthier than sugar or sweetener and it is, only that it has fructose in high amounts and in the long run you can develop obesity and heart problems (the same as sugar)

10. EVERYTHING with the label “light”

Because they are light, people believe that they are healthier and even if they are, they have high amounts of salt or sugar. The problem is that when they consider themselves healthy, people tend to consume more of it and this is why their intake of salt or sugar increases.

11. Multigrain and wheat bread

They are generally made with whole grains that have all their nutritional properties. The problem arises when they sell you the product as a whole grain holder and it turns out to be bleached flour, here it has lost its nutritional properties.

12. Vegan baked goods

These products can contain as many calories, sugar, and fat as common bakery products.

13. Tomato sauce paste in a jar

Although it can have many nutrients that help prevent cancer, they are also masters of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sodium and fillers, plus preservatives that you can not miss.

14. Fat-free salad dressing

Salads in themselves are very good due to their nutrients, the problem is when you use fat-free dressings, it is inconvenient since for a better assimilation of the nutrients from vegetables, the body requires a little fat.

15. Non-fat peanut butter

The problem with this type of butter is that being low in fat it is high in sugar. Peanut fat is good because it is monounsaturated

16. Bran muffins

Generally those sold in delicatessens are healthy but small, so people eat more than 1 (out of 350 calories) and by doing so they are consuming double or triple of these.

17. Smoothies

Because of their ingredients, they are generally healthy. They have yogurt, fruit and low-fat dairy, the problem is that the smallest portion is 450ml and add sugar, ice cream and you will have a 600 calorie drink as a result.

18. sports drinks

They are rich electrolytes; However, they are not recommended if you are not an athlete with an intense or high resistance exercise routine as the calories are very high

19. Packaged turkey

It contains sodium, so if you consume a 55 gram serving per day, you will be eating about a third of the maximum recommended daily intake of sodium.

20. Canned soups

It can be helpful when going on a diet, despite that, you should be careful with it due to ingredients such as sodium, fat, artificial flavors and preservatives.

21. Granola

It has nuts, oats and seeds and that is great, what is not so is that they are coated in sugar, honey and molasses.

My recommendation is that you read the labels of what you buy, that you consume vegetables and fresh fruit, they are somewhat more expensive but your health and that of yours will thank you.

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