20 Traits In Very Intelligent Children Is Your Child One Of Them?

Your child can be a child with high intellectual abilities, help him exploit them.

Mental, psychological, and even physical development in each child is different. Thus, we can find that between a pair of brothers the motor or intellectual capacities can be very different, without this being bad.

In the same way it happens with intellectual skills; we are always going to find children who speak, read and learn an incredible amount of things long before others. This makes them in effect children with high intellectual abilities.

What can be considered a high intellectual capacity?

Have you ever heard the term “gifted child” ? Well yes, a child withhigh intellectual abilitieshe is gifted. The term was changed in 2006 to encompass not only an IQ (intelligence quotient) of 130 points, but also encompass areas as diverse as creativity or learning potential, etc.

The characteristics of a child with high capacities are:

1 They learn fast

2 They have a lot of energy

3 From babies they are very alert

4 They have a good memory and retention (memory fixation)

5 His vocabulary is very “rich” and wide for his age

6 Understand metaphors and abstract ideas

7 They have complex, logical and intuitive thinking

8 They look like adults because of their own concerns of that age

9 They are idealistic and have a sense of justice

10 Like numbers and puzzles

11 They are very sensitive

12 Daydreams

13 Longer care

14 They get impatient easily because of the slowness of others

15 Curious

16 His interests are multiple

17 Self-taught

18 They are creative

19 Competitive

20 vital

The recommendation is that if you suspect that your child is a child with high intellectual abilities, you go to a professional in psychology to apply an intelligence test to verify your suspicions.

Problems with children with high intellectual abilities

Contrary to what you might think, gifted children tend to failat school; The reason is that since they are one step ahead of the rest of their classmates (and even their teachers) they get bored easily and cannot find something that motivates them to apply. If you add to the above that they do not adapt socially, then failure will not wait.

But do not worry, if the child has the appropriate stimulation, a teacher who follows the rhythm, activities that take advantage of their abilities, they will have the tools they need to exploit all their abilities.

Tips for Parents of Gifted Children

It is necessary to bear in mind that although their capacities are superior to those of a normal child, they are still children and therefore the best thing for them is that you treat them in the following way:

-Let him grow and develop emotionally and socially like any child his age.

-Don’t label him a “genius”; doing it will only make it feel weird.

-Don’t fall into the mistake of comparing him with his brothers and vice versa if you don’t want enmity between them.

-Let him have friends of the same age.

-If you have him admitted to a special educational center, help him with the tasks that the tutors and teachers assign him.

-Provide them with the resources and materials they need to satisfy their concerns, and help them develop their talents. This should be offered without any pressure.

-Encourage him to participate in areas of interest to him.

-Enjoy both recreational and cultural activities with your family.

-Buy him books that interest him and even read together.

-Talk with your son about the topics that interest him, and if you don’t know, then he recognizes your lack of knowledge, instruct yourself and then talk with your son.

Different types of intelligence a child can have

Although experts for years have chosen to argue that gifted children are strong in mathematics; the reality is that people have different areas in which we are more skilled, and therefore, more intelligent than others.

There are actually 12 types of intelligence. These are:

1 Linguistics

It is the ability to master language in all its areas: oral, written, gestural. A child with this type of intelligence will have the ability to know the meaning of many words, the order, the sounds, the rhythms, the meter, etc.

Examples of people with linguistic intelligence are writers or poets.

2 Logical-mathematical

It is the ability to reason deductively and logically and the ability to solve mathematical problems.

3 Space

A person with spatial intelligence has the ability to observe the world and objects from different perspectives. In addition, you can manipulate or create mental images to solve problems.

Sculptors, architects, painters or pilots are some examples of people with spatial intelligence.

4 Musical

It is public knowledge that there are people with such a high degree of musical intelligence that despite their disabilities they are capable of composing large musical pieces and playing different instruments masterfully. An example of this wereMozart and Beethoven.

5 Body and kinesthetic

Dancers are the best example of people with bodily and kinesthetic intelligence. They have such a capacity to control their body, coordination and rhythm that they dazzle us with 2 left feet.

But not only dancers dominate their bodies, footballers and other athletes possess this type of intelligence

6 Intrapersonal

People with the ability to understand themselves, their thoughts, emotions and who also regulate their own behavior, are capable of doing so because they dominate intrapersonal intelligence. The interesting thing is that people with this type of intelligence enjoy greater emotional and psychological well-being.

It seems to be of no use, but you are wrong. Intrapersonal intelligence consists of self-knowledge and self-appreciation, and it also encompasses the understanding of the human condition.

People with this type of intelligence are psychologists, philosophers or writers, who generally have a high capacity in this type of intelligence.

7 Interpersonal

Who has this intelligence is able to get along with other people. They are able to understand, empathize and communicate in the appropriate way.

In addition to the above, people are able to discern the emotions and intentions of others and allow to interpret the words and gestures, or the objectives and goals of others.

8 Naturalist

This refers to the sensitivity that some people show towards the natural world, since it is the ability to distinguish, order, classify, understand and use elements of the environment, objects, animals or plants. Biologists, farmers, botanists or hunters have this type of intelligence.

As you can see, children can be skilled and very talented in many areas. Therefore, try to discover the high capacities of yours so that you can be successful in the area that you dominate the most and be very happy.

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