20 Details That Will Conquer Your Husband Day After Day

He deserves to be conquered day by day, that is why I provide you with these 20 ideas, and may love reign between you!

For years it has been thought that it is the duty of men to conquer their partner every day with small details that reaffirm the affection they feel for her. Receiving details – no matter how small – is something rewarding. That they surprise you with a dinner, with your favorite flowers or that you simply notice that you are tired and assume something that you need to do at home, it really is something that we appreciate. But they are also happy when the woman they love takes them into account with a spontaneous, simple expression of affection that says implicitly: “I love you.”

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With the aforementioned in mind, below you will find 20 simple but beautiful details with which you can conquer your husband every day; And trust me, you won’t leave him discouraged.

1. Notes

That you leave notes in his briefcase, the pocket of his pants or shirt, that say: “I love you” or “I will miss you”, will encourage him to return home. Do it occasionally and you will be pleasantly surprised.

2. Comprehension

He loves that you understand his “addiction” to Sunday sports and that you don’t put him in trouble by wanting to go to the stadium or watch the football game on television with friends, even if you don’t tolerate it a bit.

3. Let you win

He likes that you allow him to “indulge himself” to eat the last slice of cake or the last fry in the package, or the last of whatever they are eating; a little mania that sure to please him you will let him win.

4. Relaxing massages

It will melt if you stroke her hair or massage her back after a tiring day. For them it is a nice display of affection.

5. Take her hand

Incredible but true: he also likes to be surprised looking for one of his hands to hold it while they walk together.

6. Little cares

That you arrange their clothes, remove some speck of dust from their clothes they love it; They are not so detailed in that type of thing, therefore, that you do it tells him that you notice him.

7. Kisses and more kisses

That you greet him with a kiss, marks a moment of intimacy between the two that isolates them from the harsh daily life and fills them with energy to resume family life.

8. His favorite food

That from time to time you prepare him with his favorite food even if you cannot and do not like to eat it. A good show of love and minimal sacrifice.

9. Time together

That they plan to spend time as a couple and look for a way that everything goes well, since the babysitter arrives on time to take care of the children and that, of course, you prepare to enjoy a pleasant night without worrying about anything else.

10. Take care of your health and well-being

He likes that you make him healthy food and worry about his physical well-being. And who doesn’t like someone being concerned about their health?

11. Prepare a packed lunch

He likes that you try to have something to take him to work for lunch (eat), since sometimes he overlooks it and knows that you think of everything.

12. Allow him to pamper you

He is happy when you allow him to be chivalrous and open your door, help you with the chair in the restaurant, and so on. That kind of thing makes him feel happy and shows that you need him to pamper you.

13. Patience

He is grateful for your patience when he takes time to leave for work and, incidentally, also makes you delay in your daily plans. You know, some of them are a bit like children.

14. Spoil you with things you like

They feel pampered when you go shopping and come home with their favorite snacks.

15. Take care of your mom

He likes that you get along with his mother and that you call her, since many times he forgets it and adores his mother. It’s as if he did it himself.

16. Moments to remember

That from time to time they sit down to remember the music and the things they did when they were dating. Who knew they could be so romantic!

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17. A break from the everyday hustle and bustle

It feels special when you invite him to contemplate those little details of daily life that he sometimes overlooks, but you know that he likes them and they make his day.

18. You get cute for him

She feels happy when you consider that cute dress that you know she likes to wear.

19. Surprises

That from time to time you surprise him with his favorite dessert when he gets home or when they go out for a walk.

20. That you let him protect you

He likes that you lean on him to feel protected, ultimately, protecting his family is part of the most basic instincts of a man.

It is not that everyone feels a special taste for all these details, but surely your partner will like some of these, and one or another more than you know he loves it. So don’t let love die and light the flame of passion on a daily basis.

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