20 Creative Ideas For Your Child Not To Repeat His Lunch Throughout The Month

On this back to school, prepare the ideal lunch for your child; here you will find several ideas that you will love.

Did you know that healthy foods can increase your child’s attention span at school? There are even medical studies that show that having a balanced nutrition is essential to improve academic performance in children. Without much effort, you can give your child a daily lunch or school lunch that encourages their proper development. This should include a serving of fruit or vegetables, cereal, and protein.

For children this may sound boring and even unpleasant, but you can make your child like their lunch and enjoy it. For this, you must ensure that the foods are varied and look attractive or fun. Remember that a healthy diet is not always synonymous with boredom. In addition, a balanced diet can reduce the risks of obesity in your child, for which I recommend you read: How to avoid childhood obesity

Here I share 20 creative ideas to make a different lunch every day of the month. I assure you that your son will be happy at recess.

  1. Chopped apple, mozzarella cheese fingers and a small box of the cereal of your choice. I recommend sprinkling the chopped apple with a little lemon juice, this will prevent it from turning dark.

  2. Cucumber slices, boiled eggs, and a whole wheat bar.

  3. A lettuce salad with shredded chicken breast and blueberries.

  4. Cherry tomatoes with salt, a can of tuna and a package of cookies.

  5. Sandwich with ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato; You can also send him a flavored gelatin. I recommend using cookie cutters to cut the sandwich and form different shapes that are attractive to your child.

  6. Chopped mango and sushi rolls with smoked salmon.

  7. Applesauce, grilled sausages, and an amaranth bar.

  8. Papaya with lemon and honey, quesadillas with ham and star-shaped cheese.

  9. Melon marbles, muffins with beans, ham and cheese. The marble shape will make the fruit much more attractive to your child. You can make the marbles using a French spoon.

  10. Small pieces of watermelon and chicken macaroni pasta.

  11. Orange wedges and a peanut butter toast. A good tip can be to buy miniature salt shakers with chili powder, salt and lemon, so that your child’s fruits and vegetables have much more flavor.

  12. Roasted broccoli and an egg cake with ham.

  13. Washed grapes, cottage cheese and a hot dog with tomato.

  14. A “jicaleta” with chamoy and chili powder, turkey breast rolls with cheese and an oatmeal bar. Jicaleta is a jicama cut in such a way that it can be eaten using a stick, as if it were a popsicle. If you want to know how to do it, you can consult it here.

  15. Pineapple chunks with granola and a homemade corn bread.

  16. Kiwi, chicken wings and a bowl of popcorn.

Special lunches for Fridays

I recommend you talk with your son and explain that if he eats his lunch during the week, on Fridays you will send him an even richer lunch as a reward. I can suggest the following foods:

  1. Two slices of pizza and for dessert, strawberries with cream.

  2. Banana and strawberry skewer with hazelnut cream, for dessert it can be rice pudding.

  3. Burger with French fries, for dessert a slice of your favorite cake.

  4. Hot cakes with jam, a chocolate for dessert. You can make a face on it using the jam, I’m sure your child will love it.

One last tip

Finally, I suggest you avoid industrialized drinks such as canned juices and soft drinks at all costs. It is better to include a thermos with fruit or natural water in your child’s lunch every day .

Remember that the list of foods that I presented in this article is only a set of options. You can involve your child in planning their lunch and make different combinations with the food, according to their preferences. Don’t forget that school lunch is like the fuel your child needs to do all her activities.

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