2 New Ways Kids Use To Take Drugs That Every Parent Needs To Pay Attention To

The consumption of illegal drugs is still a scourge among young people, and as you will see, the money to buy them is no longer a problem.

We live in an age in which the social media favor consumption and provide information directly within homes, creating a conflictive situation that is very difficult to balance between parents and children.

The reasons why young people use drugs have an answer on both their own and their parents’ side.

Two new economic ways

There are people who simply dedicate themselves to discovering new and inexpensive ways to get high, which are immediately shared via these means of communication, to which all young people have access, and they try them. These are two of the newer ways:

1. Inhale chocolate powder

It is a trend that is spreading more and more and that started in Europe.

The inventor, a chocolatier named Dominique Persoone, came up with the idea of ​​using the product that is both enjoyed as a dessert for addictive use, which is why it is known as the “chocolate line”, claiming that it is used with snorted cocaine. per line.

At first he started inhaling pure cocoa, but the desired effect did not work, so he added chili pepper to it and it caused a lot of pain when inhaled; he finally found the exact formula by mixing mint and ginger.

A euphoric effect is produced by the action of cocoa powder, which upon entering the body produces an overproduction of endorphins.

The consequences are additive, since it unleashes a compulsive desire to repeat it and each time with a higher dose; Furthermore, since cocoa goes directly into the bloodstream, it quickly reaches the brain. This form is very inexpensive, and appears to be harmless.

2. Soda mixes with cough syrup

The trend of mixing carbonated drinks and cough medicine is also expanding thanks to social networks, especially in Mexico and the United States, especially it is becoming popular among children, and the reason is simple: its low cost and the accessibility of products that are within the home of many families.

The reason for this interesting mixture is the dextromethorphan found in cough syrups, which taken in excess causes hallucinations, loss of reality, euphoria, slowness, lack of concentration, vomiting and nausea.

It is very common at parties with friends, as it is very easy to prepare, and the product is available over the counter in pharmacies.

Reasons why young people use

Out of curiosity

During adolescence, the things they do are just for “testing.” What they do not take into account is that these substances have addictive chemicals, so it is difficult for them to leave them later.

To feel “high”

It is normal for young people to go through times of frustration and sadness, so they look for ways to escape the pressure they feel at home and to free themselves from that stress.

By pressure from their peers

This point is crucial: young people need the approval of their friends, so they will imitate their way of dressing, hairstyle and even what they consume. That is why it is important that you know who your children’s friends are, and how they choose their friends.

With reference to parents

Lack of supervision in children’s activities, or schedule control

In general, young people start missing school, or come home after the stipulated time. When there is NOT proper supervision from home, the chances of addiction are greatly facilitated.

The communication channel is limited or impossible

Due to differences between parents and children, communication is difficult. As parents you should know that it is okay to have differences of ideas or tastes, and trying to impose how things are never works with young people.

The family

Let’s not wait until they are older to want to give them time or take care of their needs, from a young age a bond of love and mutual respect must be created.

Between family and community

This type of problem can be fought only with the help of parents, along with the contribution of the community. It is vitally important that community institutions assume their responsibility and help parents to fight against this terrible scourge that attacks our children and young people.

Both schools and community health centers, as well as sports organizations, can support parents and together accompany and prevent young people from not giving in to the effects of drugs.

In Sonora, Mexico, local and government institutions ) have come together to work together with local parents and youth, especially to warn about the consumption of “crystal.” For this reason, educational and information prevention campaigns are being carried out.

For example, in Hermosillo, capital of the state of Sonora, and echoing the call for help, there have been, through the DARE program, talks on drug use and abuse in primary and secondary schools, and high schools, that makes clear the genuine interest on the part of the municipal president of that city to take care of and watch over the interests of his community and family.

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