18 Things You Must Thank Your Man (and He Will Never Leave Your Side)

After reading it, send him this article and melt his heart of passion and love for you.

Those simple things that men ONLY do with the woman they love are the things that they fall in love with, that drive all women crazy, but despite noticing them, we almost never appreciate them.

This is for those MEN with capital letters who deserve the thanks of us women:


… For comforting us when we are super sensitive and cry about everything.

… For the thousands of times we make them pose with different angles, smiles, expressions and faces to take the perfect selfie, and despite the fact that they hate taking pictures and they consider that the first one turned out well, they have patience with us, because they understand our insecurities .

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… For going along with us when we’re upset during those fights with our best friend who we “hate” at the time, and whom they know we’re going to love five minutes later.

… For scratching our heads, playing with our hair and running our fingers down our backs when we are a little down.

… For giving us space when we need it, without the need for explanations, because a glance is enough to know that something is wrong.

… For the times that we make them deaf in the car singing to everything that the old songs of Luis Miguel or those of Chayanne give to everything while sometimes we accompany them with some tears during those days of the month.

… for not putting pressure on us when the oven is not for buns (as my grandmother used to say).

… For supporting our hair in their face, eyes, mouth and the hue when we ask them to spoon.

… For the countless times they pay for dinners, movies at the theater, teddy bear in the park, and hot dog whenever we wanted.

… for not giving us a reason to see what they are hiding on their cell phone.

… for telling us how beautiful we are when we have only washed our faces.

… For paying attention and believing our version of events; for not needing witnesses to know that although no one would believe what we are saying, you know that it is true.

… for leaning on those uncool ideas that only we can come up with, simply by becoming our accomplices.

… for that linden tea to calm our nerves, or for the lemon tea when we eat as if it were the last day of our lives.

… For sweetening our coffee every day (without sugar and with the most effective sweetness and zero calories).

… For the times they tell us they appreciate everything we do.

… For being the one who always gets up to turn off the lights and close the blinds before falling asleep when we were both in bed.

… For taking the time to read this entire article.

To all those wonderful men who light up the lives of all those magnificent women in the world: A MILLION THANKS

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