17 Signs That He Cannot Live Without You And That You Cannot Live Without Him

If you recognize these signs in your relationship, congratulations, you have found your soulmate. NEVER let it go!

Surely you have heard someone say that all relationships will have problems, that difficulties are necessary and that there is no perfect man or woman. Sure you do, but how can you be sure that your relationship is solid and that you have found the ideal partner? Read on, if your relationship meets most of these signs, you are in emotional heaven!

You trust him with all your secrets

Not only is he your partner, he is your confidant! He knows your strengths, your defects and your most intimate secrets are safe with him.

They listen to each other

You know that your opinions take into account and you will listen to his.

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You don’t remember a better relationship than this

You have had other experiences and it never felt as healthy as this one. You are happy and you cannot compare this happiness with anything before.

They argue with respect

Arguments generally do not last long and NEVER lead to disrespect or name calling.

They are a team

They think alike and have no problem undertaking projects together.

Know your needs

Know how to recognize the things you need. Whether it’s time for yourself, help around the home, or details that make you feel loved.

You don’t care about jealousy

They have security in their relationship. If you feel a pinch of jealousy, you recognize that they are an emotion without base and they do not get to take away your sleep.

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They are best friends

You joke with each other, you tell jokes, your conversations are never boring.

They join the interests of the other

If he is interested in sports, you become his cheerleader. If you are interested in doing yoga, he does his best to copy your poses.

Sex is excellent

They have a sexual connection that you can’t explain in words. They share the same tastes and are not afraid to ask what makes them explode in bed.

With a look, they recognize their emotions

You don’t need words to know if something is wrong. You know how to recognize if something worries him the moment you look at it.

You love the person you are when you are with him

Not only do you enjoy his presence, but you are the best version of yourself when you are with him. You feel happy and sure of yourself.

His family is your family

They have a wonderful relationship and the two have become part of a great family.

They are motivated to achieve their personal goals

They understand that the happiness of each one is decisive for the happiness of the relationship.

Your future plans reach the same destination

The two had a life before they met, but their goals seem to intertwine with each other. They always dreamed of the same things and now, they can’t wait to do them together!

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