13-year-old Boy Dies On His First Day Of School For One Of The Saddest Reasons In The World

The heart of a 13-year-old boy stopped beating for the saddest reasons; their parents will donate their organs to save lives.

The first day of school is a wonderful time for the whole family, positive changes are expected in the children’s lives, for example: that they strengthen their social relationships, learn new skills and knowledge and have fun every day at school.

Many parents take pictures of their children on the first day of school, as a memento of starting a new student adventure. The West family from Goshen, United States, was no exception, the thirteen-year-old son was very excited to start classes, he got up in the morning, put on his uniform and his father took his picture, without imagining that it would be the last . As published in CTVNews.

A new stage turned into a tragedy

Peyton West was entering her eighth grade, after five months of having a heart transplant. He was very happy and grateful with life. However, the small collapse on his first day at school, losing his life in the hospital.

There is no explanation

The older brother Ethan remembers that Peyton had told him that he was not feeling well, so he took him to the school infirmary, in moments the boy was transported by an ambulance to the Cincinnati children’s hospital, where the doctors discovered that the heart was had stopped. Despite the doctors’ efforts to revive him, Peyton’s heart stopped beating.

Corey the father told WKRC-TV: “We don’t know why.” We don’t understand it. The little one was in excellent health, after the transplant, they never realized that something bad was going to happen.

Fight for life

Peyton was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which is a congenital defect, which occurs when parts of the left side of the heart such as the mitral, aortic, aorta, or ventricle have not fully developed. Causing the heart is not able to send enough blood to the body and exposes the right side to work forcibly suffering from insufficiency.

Battle of life

Peyton at the age of five, received three heart surgeries, almost died, however, he always remained optimistic; Despite his problem, he participated in his college football tournaments.

A hope

On March 9 of this year, the family received the great news that a heart was available for Peyton, so they did not wait and performed the transplant. The whole operation was a success.

Your organs will save lives

Peyton’s parents will donate their son’s organs, to save more lives. They are grateful to the hospital and the donors, since with this action they made their son live five more months.

Every day more people are willing to donate their organs to save lives. According to the World Transplant Observatory, Mexico ranks 18th out of 84 countries that perform them. In Mexico there are approximately 41 people waiting to receive a heart.

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¿ How I can be a donor ?

If a person has not indicated in a document the refusal to be a donor, their organs can be used with the consent of their spouse or close relatives at the kinship level, this procedure is known as tacit donation.

The other way is by expressing in writing or verbally, the will to donate the organs in life or after death. Remember your organs can save lives and transform families!

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