13 Ways To Be The Worst Father In The World

When it comes to being informed and making discoveries that even the National Security Agency itself cannot compare to a meticulous dad

Between his silly socks with sandals, his tired eyes, the 20 questions he asked every time he left the house, and the way he conversed with the other people in my life; I used to think my dad had to be the most annoying guy on the planet. Now I understand that he was only the most loving.

Research has shown that children whose parents are more involved in their children’s lives and are loving tend to have better school performance, healthy self-esteem, show more empathy and sociability, avoid high-risk behaviors including drug abuse and criminal activities. Society might need more parents like that.

1. Show yourself in public with your family

Let’s face it, you always wear the wrong clothes, say the wrong things, and look silly doing whatever kids like to do. It might seem that your child wants to pretend that he had no parents – that he was born spontaneously, out of nowhere – but deep down, he likes you to be around. For your children to have a good example, they have to see you.

2. Talk with your children

Talk to your young children, while they still want to tell you every detail. The fact that you hear them makes them feel like they are 10 feet tall. Talk to your older children, even if they don’t want to. Ask them about their day. Ask your child where he is going, what he is doing and what time he will return home. You will never know the problems your child is facing if you don’t ask. You can never influence their decisions if they don’t talk about them.

3. Talk to your children’s friends

If your daughter gets embarrassed when you walk her somewhere and speak to her while they’re there, just wait for you to say, “What’s up?” to the cute boy in her class. However, talking to your children’s classmates is a smart strategy; You can learn a lot about your child by talking to them, in the same way that you do with your children. It can also help you understand a particular situation when a problem arises. You don’t have to be “cool”, just friendly.

4. Talk to the parents of your child’s friends

(It can be a sensitive topic) You didn’t know that Billy’s father was a professional UFO hunter, or that Beatriz’s mother has a ‘special herb’ garden in the basement, it’s your fault! Before allowing your child to spend a lot of time with another family, it is good to know a little about them. If you feel like parents might not be the best influence, organize meetings or activities for them to share in your home.

5. Always show up at parent meetings

There’s nothing more annoying than your dad researching what you do all day, how you behave when you’re not under his watchful eye, and what grades you get in math. This can lead to a dad taking steps to make sure his son receives more study hours, improves his social skills, has a better education, and gets into college, helping him move forward in life. TERRIBLE!

6. Assign tasks to your child

Dishes don’t wash themselves. Children need to know that if they make a mess, even for good reason, they have to clean it up themselves. You may choose to pay your children for special jobs, but they need to do most of the chores regularly, as they are members of the family and must contribute to it. My daughter once asked how much I was going to pay her for cleaning. I told her I’d give her a free lunch and dinner in exchange for her job

7. Establish fixed rules

The rules about what they can watch on TV, how long they can play video games, text during dinner, as well as what time they should be home, or when they should go to sleep, all those rules they are annoying in short. What kids don’t know is that your pesky rules will keep their lives structured. Structures keep children happier and free from problems.

8. Encourage your children

Your child may not notice when you yell at him, “Well done, little one!” from the stands, but if he likes to know that you support him. Just be sure to give positive comments, no matter what the activity. Kids like their parents to be their super fans, not their coaches.

9. Make sure they look good

Tell your boys to roll up their pants and your girls to roll down their skirts. Make sure they don’t look like they live on the streets. Someday your kid will want to get a job or go to college, so don’t let them make any irreversible choices in their appearance like a plethora of piercings or a vampire tattoo on their neck.

10. Make silly jokes

They may be complaining on the outside, but they are laughing on the inside. Teasing your kids helps them understand that even though life is full of serious business, it’s okay to lighten it up every now and then.

11. Don’t just give them money just because, make them earn it

Sometimes children think that money grows on trees. Before they abruptly wake up to adulthood, teach them the principles behind the concepts of earning, spending, and saving. Your children can earn money doing special jobs around the house, babysitting, or helping out in the neighbor’s garden. They can make craft items and sell them. If your kid wants the trendy gadget, tell him to be creative, earn an income, and earn it.

12. Insist that they treat their mother with respect

Don’t let children treat their mother badly. Help them to recognize all the good things she does for them. Teach them to say, “Please” and “Thank you.” Help them draw the pictures they will put on the refrigerator and the bouquets in the garden to show how much they care about her. Show them with your actions that their mom is a treasure. Treating her like a queen may make them flout, but it will also teach them to treat her the same way.

13. Hug them

Physical contact – How annoying!

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_Translated and adapted into Spanish by Myrna del Carmen Flores from the original article in English 13 ways to be the most annoying dad on the planet by Megan Wallgren.

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