13 Simple Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

Helping make your husband happy does not require magic but it does require a lot of encouragement and will.

Let me start this article by saying that it is not your responsibility to make your husband happy. That is, if your husband has decided to be unhappy, there is nothing you can do, since being happy is her own decision. But this article is not about that, it is one of those that you can do to help your relationship be just that: happy. I think we all want such a relationship and as wives we have a lot to say about it, and a lot more to do. Here are several ideas for you to be doing your part to have a happy relationship with your husband.

1. Thank you for your work

Although we can say that it is your responsibility to work and provide, it never hurts to be grateful and express our gratitude by telling you that all the work you do for the family does not go unnoticed.

2. Give him a hug as soon as he gets home

Regardless if he had a difficult day, I assure you that he feels very good to receive a hug from you as soon as he gets home.

3. Tell him that you love him before going to sleep

It is important to establish a ritual where you tell each other that you love each other before going to sleep. I promise you that will help him have sweet dreams.

4. Prepare your favorite food as a surprise

It doesn’t have to be his birthday to make him his favorite food, surprise him!

5. Organize a romantic date

Although all dates are important, having an exclusively romantic date can work miracles in your relationship. Plan such an appointment and make that experience wonderful.

6. Initiate intimacy with him

Few things make your husband feel loved and desired like you entering into relationships with him. Don’t expect him to always initiate them, as one day he won’t!

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7. Tell him he is a good father

Do not forget to tell him that you appreciate him as the father of your children, and tell him that although he is not perfect, he is a good father.

8. Support him when he has a bad day

We all have bad days, and just as you would like him to support you when you have had a bad day with the children, you too show him affection if his day has not been positive.

9. Give you space when you need it

If you notice that he is not in the mood for you to comfort him, give him his space. Do not take it personally. We all need a few moments of solitude sometimes. When he is ready he will come into your arms.

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10. Support him in his hobbies

Remember that just as you are also more than wife and mother, he is also more than husband and father. He has his interests as a man and a person. It never hurts to give him a chance to express his interests than to support him in his hobbies — even when they don’t have anything interesting to you.

11. Ask for forgiveness first

Two are required to fight. Practice being the first to ask for forgiveness. I assure you that it will be of great benefit so that your marriage is happy and lasting.

12. Forgive him when necessary

He isn’t perfect so forgive his imperfection if you want him to forgive yours too.

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13. Take him by the hand when in the car

No situation is so mundane that you can’t add a touch of romance to it. Hold his hand while waiting for the traffic light, during traffic, and anytime you want him to feel your closeness and affection.

It is not difficult to help your husband to be happy. But it does require that you don’t forget about him, or your relationship.

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