12 Things The Best Husbands In The World Do

What he does every day shows his true commitment and dedication to you.

Most women decide to be with a man for the rest of their lives when they are in love. And this no matter how many defects your loved one has, since love is at the peak of the relationship. It is enough that he is romantic, detailed and faithful.

With the passing of the years and relationship, these defects that were not taken into account, suddenly appear and that is when the disappointment begins. Some women even think that they are not with the prince charming they dreamed of and that the man they have chosen has much to learn about love and marriage.

However, all men do things in common when they truly love, but in different ways to show it. Therefore, do not be disappointed in your husband, since having chosen him in love is not a mistake, on the contrary, it is one more step that all marriages go through, from falling in love to true love.

So take note and find out what he does for you and makes him the best husband in the world:

1 Names you with nicknames

It’s a cute way to show love when they usually put nicknames tender. He will never stop calling you in a loving way, even when you have an argument. The most typical is skinny, baby, love, my life, chubby, my queen, among others.

This is to put a different flavor to the commitment, since the objective is to differentiate yourself from other types of affectionate relationships; when she names you with a nickname it means that you are special and it is a demonstration of genuine love. Even the more loving and ridiculous they are, the more intimate and satisfying for couples.

2 He tells you that he loves you

There won’t be a day that goes by without him telling you that he loves you; when you go to work, when you come to eat and at night. For him it is important to remind you that you are the love of his life and that despite the years of relationship his love continues to grow and strengthen.

3 He invites you to enjoy his hobbies

Most men love to enjoy any sports program, be it soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, and even bullfighting. He knows perfectly that they do not attract much attention to you, however, he always invites you to enjoy together and have some fun moments.

His interest will be to live together and at the same time I would like you to learn to love his tastes and hobbies, to strengthen his relationship and love. He will even be willing to share a novel or a series with you (of course, he will spend it criticizing all the actors).

4 Your priority is you

Your husband will always think of you before anything else, his priority is you, therefore he will be willing to sacrifice everything for you to be happy. For example: he will take off his coat when you are cold, he will accompany you to the doctor when you get sick, he will let you rest when you are overwhelmed, even he will even say that you go with your friends to have fun .

5 Trust you

Very rare will be the occasions in which he makes you a typical scene of jealousy, since he trusts you completely. In their relationship there will be no lies or secrets, since he knows perfectly that trust is the basis of their good coexistence.

He will give you your space and let you do what you want, without the need to judge or criticize you, as long as you let him know what you will do or where you will be.

6 Compliments

Your husband will always tell you that you look spectacular, even though you think you don’t. Maybe you don’t listen to him every day, or he doesn’t even notice when you dye your hair or lose weight, however, for him it doesn’t matter, you will always look beautiful, attractive and beautiful.

7 Clutter does not worry him

It may be that you have not had time to clean the house, wash dishes or clothes, even that you have chosen not to cook. For your husband that is not relevant, all he wants is to be by your side, share quality time, have fun and relax together.

Even if the mess will bother him, he will start cleaning without you having to tell him something, this will do it because he loves you and wants you to be relaxed.

8 Surprise

He can usually forget to give you something at Christmas, but on special dates like his anniversary or birthday, they will never go unnoticed. He will always want to celebrate them with you even with a romantic dinner or with any special detail.

9 asks for your authorization

It is not that you are his mother so that he has to ask permission to do anything, he simply wants to get your approval to make decisions, since many of these involve family stability.

Your opinion is important, although sometimes they do not share the same ideas or ways of acting or solving conflicts.

10 Acknowledge your efforts

He may not often tell you that he is impressed by the efforts you make every day; However, he appreciates when he thanks you for having prepared a delicious meal, he thanks you when his clothes are clean and tidy, when the children are happy and healthy, among other things.

11 he’s really engaged

All his efforts are focused on family well-being, he is committed to respecting you, protecting you, taking care of you and providing you with the security you need. He will always give you your place before his family, friends and others, since you are his wife and the love of his life.

12 Ask sorry

Acknowledge your mistakes, and it won’t be long before the two of you are angry or upset about any situation. He may not say forgive me, but he will somehow seek reconciliation, either in intimacy or with any physical contact such as hugs, caresses and kisses.

In reality we all show love for our partner in different ways, sometimes you can be with a cold and distant husband but that does not mean that he does not love you. True love in marriages occurs together, when the two respect, communicate and value each other. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect human being, so trust that you have a prince charming by your side.

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