12 End-of-the-year Rituals To Attract Good Luck And Love In 2018; Superstitious Or Not, The Truth Is That It Is Worth Trying Them

If you are hoping that next year will surprise you positively, give destiny a hand with these rituals.

Many people look forward to the arrival of the new year, hoping that the coming year will be more prosperous, that it will bring more moments of joy and prosperity and that all wishes will be realized. The truth is that, beyond changing a page on the calendar, it is we who, with our own actions, must undertake that change that we seek so much. And some rituals could help us.

Every end of the year the symbolism of a new year that begins is loaded with good wishes, for ourselves and for our loved ones. Gone are moments that we want to forget and ahead we have everything that we still want to fulfill. Each family, by raising their glass and toasting, will have a great desire that is almost always framed by happiness and love. And in each family too, certain rituals will be practiced according to each particular culture, in order to attract good luck for the year that begins.

A large part of the population believes in cabal, those actions that are repeated over and over again at a certain moment, in order to fulfill that long-awaited wish. But many other people do it without having much faith in it and simply indulge in the game that means following a family custom or tradition.

In Internet circulate hundreds of pages which explains the different rituals used by people when they are giving the last chimes of the year. Thus, in the minutes leading up to January 1, there are many who first comply with their cabal or tradition and then go to hug their relatives to wish them a good year. Some of those rituals or traditions are:

1. Underwear color

In some countries, the color of the underwear on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is essential. In my country, Argentina. women wear pink underwear on the night of December 24, while the night of December 31 should be red if you want to be lucky in love, or yellow if you want to be lucky in finances. In my childhood, the little tree never lacked a package from a grandmother or aunt with a pink panties.

2. 12 to 12

Eating twelve units of grapes or twelve raisins at 12 at night, entering the 1st of the year, is a custom that is practiced in many regions, mainly in Spain. The reason, they say, is so that the year that begins is very sweet. If you can hear the chimes of a nearby church, each grape should be eaten at the ringing of each chime.

3. Jump with the right foot

We always say that if you “get up on the left foot” it is because you woke up in a bad mood or because everything went wrong for you during the day. The objective of this ritual is that the 365 days of the year begin with “the right foot” and consists of standing on a chair and jumping to the floor using that foot, the right. It’s risky, but customs are customs, right?

4. A kiss at 12

To attract eternal love, tradition says that you must kiss your partner under the mistletoe, and that if you do, that love will last forever. It is a rite that we do not know for sure if it works, but it is a beautiful gesture to strengthen the couple and commit even more to respect and fidelity.

5. Assemble the suitcases

It may seem strange to you to see someone go out into the street with a suitcase in each hand just as everyone is celebrating the first seconds of the new year. But if you want to travel during the coming year, what you should do is just that, pack your suitcases and leave your house at 12 o’clock. In this way you will be sending a strong message to the Universe that you are ready to go on a trip, and it could be met

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6. Colored candles

A simple rite to carry out and beautiful to appreciate. Lighting different colored candles will attract many positive things to our lives in the coming year, depending on the color of the candle you wear: yellow for prosperity, red for passion and love, white for purity and spirituality, green for health and oranges for intelligence. Fill your house with colored candles and light them at 12 o’clock.

7. Eat sugary donuts

A ritual that more than one will like and that is very simple to carry out. The custom comes from Holland and represents circularity and the awareness that there really is no beginning and end, but everything flows and everything returns. Also, that they are sugary invites us to savor the sweet, so that life is not bitter during the year that begins.

8. Water to the street

If you want to remove the hardships you have spent the past year and you do not want them to come back or be repeated, fill a bucket with water and when it strikes 12 at night, throw that water on the floor, outside your house, as a symbol of let go of all the bad and clean the impurities. Thus, you give rise to prosperity and happiness.

9. Burn old dolls

Representing the year that left, one of the traditions indicates that burning an old doll by setting it on fire symbolizes that all the past is burned in fire, which purifies and cleanses, leaving room for the new. Keep in mind that the doll that you are going to set fire is not one that your child prefers (as happened to my sister, who under this ritual set fire to a doll that she no longer played with, but that she loved so much).

10. Ring in the cup

If you are looking to attract prosperity and success in the year that begins, before toasting at midnight, add a gold ring to your champagne glass and toast with it. Drink carefully from your glass, without removing the ring.

11. Wear white

It is one of the most deeply rooted customs in many parts of the world. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the white parties on the beach during New Year’s Eve are famous all over the world. This ritual is advised to attract good luck and health.

12. Basil on the pillow

For people who are still waiting for love and hope to find it this coming year, tradition says that a few leaves of basil should be placed under the pillow and this will attract love for life.

Do they work?

Each ritual and tradition is framed within the popular beliefs of each region, as well as the faith and belief of each person in particular. None of these rituals hurt anyone, nor are they invasive or negative. Therefore, for those who want to practice it, it is just something that is not scientifically proven but can help a person a lot to truly attract what they are looking for. How? Simply because sometimes we do not believe in our own inner strength to change the course of our lives but we do place all our trust in healing or miraculous rites.

In the meantime, choose to look forward to this coming new year, and try to spend the last moments of the year thinking about all the good things to come. Feeling grateful for everything we have experienced this year and for the things that were not so good but that made us learn, is also a way to open the way to destiny so that this year can come even better.

And in your family, what rituals do you fulfill to attract luck the year that begins?

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