11 Tips To Become A Super Fertile Woman (not What You Think)

Practical tips and recommendations so that you can soon become a mom. That’s what you will find here!

For some couples, being able to have a baby can become the most difficult task they face, due to how complex and exhausting the wait can be.

If you are thinking of getting pregnant soon, it is important that you can prepare yourself in all areas: emotionally, spiritually, and above all physically. In this article I will give you some simple recommendations that, incredible as they may seem, really work and will prepare your body to increase your fertility and carry your pregnancy to a successful conclusion.

If you get to work, in a few more months we will be talking about your beautiful baby:

1. Permanent period of prohibition

Alcohol is the cause of a wide variety of problems before, during and after pregnancy. It directly affects the formation of the baby and can be one of the main factors of infertility in women. At no time, under any circumstances, do you ingest it, much less if you are looking to be a mom. Get away from him!

2. The cigar, from afar

Another factor directly linked to infertility is smoking. Tar and nicotine are bad for you and your baby, they are practically deadly poisons. Staying around smokers is just as bad for your health as smoking. Find spaces where you can breathe clean air and stay away from smoking places.

3. Keep track of your period

Monitor your menstrual cycles, keep a record in your diary of your period days and observe your physical changes in the 14 days prior to menstruation, because the time of ovulation is precisely a period where fertility is at its best.

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4. Feminine hygiene products under the magnifying glass

Some intimate hygiene products such as douches, depilatory creams, lubricants or deodorants can alter the pH of your body and make you more “acidic” and eliminate how much sperm appears there.

Limit your toilet with water and neutral soap, without perfume.

5. Insecticides, pesticides and chemicals: out!

You should not be at home if they are going to spray it, if they are going to paint or even if they are going to fertilize gardens. Frequent exposure to paint, aerosols, markers whose ink or smell is penetrating can be harmful to the health of the mother and the baby.

6. More vegetables and fruits

What we all know, but few of us put into practice: eat healthy. Your baby will require nutrients that only your body can give him, he will take them from wherever he can, but if he does not find them then there will be complications.

The consumption of folic acid does not start once you know you are pregnant, but must be consumed at least three months before procreation, and the best way to acquire it is through the consumption of foods that contain it such as broccoli, asparagus and lentils. The same happens with calcium and Omega 3.

7. Little meat

You should consume proteins of animal origin, but not so many because they can trigger your levels of uric acid, fats or toxins.

8. Activation is important

Exercising will not only strengthen your muscles, it will also help you maintain your weight, since keep in mind that women who are overweight or morbidly obese suffer more frequently from infertility.

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9. Eliminate abdominal fat

The fat located in the belly directly affects your womb, compresses it and prevents the fertilized ovum from adhering with the necessary strength to the wall of the uterus. Work the muscles in this area, avoid white flour and foods that “inflate your stomach.” Do not wear girdles, they produce more pressure on the internal organs. Better, exercise!

10. Detox

Talk to your doctor, your psychologist and even your spiritual guide and DETOX of everything harmful or polluting that you have in your being, any liquid or food; even resentments through forgiveness and tolerance. Seek to purify your body, your mind and your spirit in every way.

11. Lots of kisses

Love with your partner, romance and all those beautiful things about lovers are essential in this process, because your mind will send the necessary hormonal messages to prepare your body for procreation.

Having a baby is a natural and beautiful process, but sometimes we have to help Mother Nature to perform her miracles.

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