11 Powerful Phrases Your Kids Should Hear From You

parents try very hard to make their children happy. Know the powerful phrases that will make your children incredible people.

There is no doubt that obstacles, failures and any problematic situation that gets in the way of children is a great regret for parents. We all want our children to be happy, not to have unpleasant experiences, and to be able to succeed.

However, you cannot always be present in your children’s lives, so you must always motivate them and make them feel support, love and security, from wherever they are.

It does not matter if they are adults, youth, adolescents or children, always express your feelings to your children. It is a way to increase your self-esteem, security and confidence; In addition, you will strengthen the family union.

So I leave you a list of phrases that will undoubtedly make your children a change in their way of seeing the relationship you have with them.

1. I love you

Almost always saying I love you is reserved to express it to the partner or when the children are small. However, this phrase is very strong in their confidence, having the certainty that someone loves them as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses.

2. I am proud

Do not wait for your children to do something extraordinary to say this phrase. You must remind them every day that everything they do is correct. Even when they serve a glass of milk without your help, like when they make decisions to have a partner.

3. You are smart

Anyone must have the conviction that they are capable of solving any problem that life presents to them. So convince your children that they have that ability. Maybe they are not good at doing some things but are smart at others.

4. You are very noble

Telling your children that they are noble will increase their value in helping others. Being noble is a very special virtue, they are sincere, they seek the truth and always defend justice. You will motivate your children to continue with that line of truthfulness and honesty.

5. I believe in you

Never doubt what your children tell you, unless you have evidence against them. Tell them you believe in them and let them make their decisions; it will strengthen their security and confidence and they will not be afraid to take risks.

6. You make good decisions

Although they are not so good, they will have to live the consequences of their actions, however, if you tell them that their decisions are good, they will trust themselves and will not be afraid to make mistakes.

7. I admire your effort

Your children will strive and work hard to seek your admiration and they will achieve their goals. You develop their self-esteem and confidence in them.

8. You are very handsome I am not saying it because I am your mother

Many times young people believe they are horrible, due to the hormonal changes they undergo in adolescence. That is why you should always emphasize their beauty, that they feel confident and learn to love each other as they are.

9. You are unique and special

Comparisons are never good, so tell your children that they are unique that there is no other person like them. That is why they are special to you. It will strengthen your self-esteem and confidence.

10. You are brave

It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong a million times. If they can understand their mistakes and learn from them, your children are brave in the face of life’s problems.

11. You always have good ideas

It is a way to motivate your children to find solutions and alternatives to any situation. You will promote and develop imagination and creativity in them.

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The commitment of parents is to make their children develop happy, that they can solve any problem and that they have confidence and security in them. The road is not easy, but if you say these phrases every day, it will make a change in their personality.

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