11 Effective Tips To Get Out Of A Love Duel As Quickly As Possible

How good is it to share tips to overcome a love breakup? These same activities can also help you heal on the inside. Put lemon on the wound? No, get out of a love breakup the most

“It’s not you, it’s me”, “You deserve someone better”, “You are worth a lot to be with me”, “You are a very special person”, “I’m confused”, “I need time” … These are phrases that, although trite, They hurt and confuse because they are only the beginning of the end of a relationship.

A few days ago, after ten years, some friends decided to end their courtship. After such a long time, as expected, it was not so easy for either of them to realize that they are not “for each other” and that no matter how hard they try, it will never work.

How to mend a broken heart

For women this situation is even more difficult, either due to social issues, or because women are naturally more sensitive and find it difficult to overcome these stages; however, it is not impossible either. If you or a friend of yours is going through a similar situation, write down and share the following options because they can be of great help:

1. Vent

Without a doubt, sharing this experience always helps you get over it faster. Preferably, choose a person who knows you well, is a good listener, and is neutral. It is common for friends to take sides with the friend and say “pests” about the ex, but this does not really contribute anything, rather it is, as it is commonly said, “put more lemon on the wound.”

2. Seek to distract yourself

This is the time to do everything you couldn’t before, so renew your schedule of friends, visit those you couldn’t see anymore; List places and activities that you couldn’t do. Having a busy mind always eases.

3. Read and travel to other worlds

One of the best companions you can have in these circumstances is a good book: it can be carried everywhere and can be read at any time, especially in those lonely moments that sooner or later will come. A good book will keep you good company and will take you to other times or places, where your pain cannot reach. If you don’t have this habit, it may cost you more work, but take heart! Little by little you will get used to it and you will no longer be able to live without it.

4. Use exercise as a source of endorphins and adrenaline

Along with the help that a good book can give you, it is true, there is the physical hormonal problem. To do this, one way to generate positive energy is undoubtedly physical exercise. Any activity can do the trick, whether it’s at home or in a gym. Although I recommend the latter, because it will allow you to meet more people.

5. Set times to live your grief

This point is difficult to carry out, but it does work: it consists of setting a certain time of mourning in which it is worth crying, seeing the photographs where they appear together, the messages, singing for him, and so on. But after a lapse … zero, and turn the page.

6. Write

This method is very effective and can be accompanied by the previous point. On sheets or in a notebook write to your ex what you would like her to do or say to you, what you think and feel as if she were going to read it. The length and days to be written will depend on each person, as well as the healing process. When you are ready burn or break what you have written, this will be the beginning of the end.

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7. Change your routine

Always the changes of activities help to overcome any relationship. You can start by eliminating the times you had to see the couple or replacing them with other activities. Yes: you know: stop visiting places that are going to bring you painful memories: as it is written: “When one is alone, the path of memories usually leads to the village of depression.”

8. Transform your environment

If it was the husband, it is time to move the furniture and do a deep cleaning, as well as throw away or put away the things that belonged to him. As soon as possible, give her her things back or throw them away.

9. Change your image

The mirror can be a key element to feel good about yourself, so it is essential to change our appearance. A cut or a change of look will reflect a different person in the mirror. Dare yourself! And fall in love with yourself again.

10. Be cautious with social media

It is not very advisable to publish the breakup, the separation. Family and friends often have an opinion on this and, far from helping, they can harm. If it is one of your contacts, the best thing to do is block it (for a while at least), as there is a risk that photos will be read or viewed that may be misinterpreted or hurt.

There is a last option, which we have not talked about, and which is perhaps the best of all: it seeks to provide service. In any case of mourning, giving selfless service to an altruistic cause is the best way to enter into communion with our fellow men, to redimension our grief, and to see that our pain is often minimal compared to our own. similar. We all have the need to love and lavish affection. By giving service, you will give and receive a lot, a lot of love. And you: do you have any other tips to mend a broken heart? Which would be?

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