10 Ways To Know Without Doubt That He Is Still As Crazy About You As Before

All men show love in different ways, but if he does any of these 10 things he DEFINITELY loves you crazy.

The beginning of relationships usually represents a stage with exaggerated displays of love. We feel so much love pouring through our chests that the only natural and logical reaction is to try to show it with our actions. We plan spontaneous outings, we speak expressive words, we plan romantic surprises and so on. That stage is very beautiful, but usually it is only the sign of a still early love. With time and maturity in the relationship, the displays of love become more subtle and less extravagant than at the beginning.

Some people feel that the decrease in these enormous expressions of love means the loss of such. But this is not at all the case, already stable couples usually do not need such excessive effort; rather they require small and repeated details that demonstrate their love in a more mature and natural way.

The important thing is to learn to value these daily details, which even if they don’t make as much noise as the initial ones, they are much deeper and more true. If you want to put it another way, they are more like deep whispers of love, compared to the screams they gave at the beginning of the relationship that left them almost breathless.

How can you learn to listen carefully to these whispers to feel the love in your partner? It is very simple, look at their daily actions that show you true, sincere and above all genuine love. This one lasts for a lifetime.

These 9 actions show you that his love for you continues to beat and is stronger than ever:

Maintains physical contact

This is as simple as a hug when saying goodbye, holding your hand while walking, or simply brushing your back with his hand as he passes you. Constant physical contact indicates that he is happy with you and enjoys having you physically close to him.

A part of him reflects you

As we get used to our relationships, we sometimes adopt mannerisms that we learn from our partner. This represents a high connection in the relationship. If he has adopted some of the things that you do, like some of you, they really have a strong union.

He hears you

Men are not known for being very good listeners, but he really does pay attention to the little details you mention, even when you don’t feel like he’s listening.

Enjoy time with you

His free time is for you. She rarely dedicates her time to other people or activities, because she prefers to spend her weekends and days off with you.

It pleases you in privacy

He cares more about your pleasure than his own. For him it is very important to know that you feel satisfied in privacy, even above his own desire.

Asks your opinion

They are a stable couple and that is why they take your opinion into account for any situation that arises.

Lends you his shoulder

He is willing to listen to your problems and be the person to vent to.

Communicates with you during the day

He texts you or calls you to say hi. Even if their jobs keep them from being seen for most of the day, they maintain daily communication beyond saying goodbye in the morning.

Save your memories as treasures

Appreciate everything you have given him, and keep them as treasures. From the little notes to the biggest gifts.

Protect you

The man instinctively wants to protect his partner. If he makes you feel safe around him, it is without a doubt because he cares too much about you and is still totally in love with you.

There you have them, these acts represent a deeper love than the one at the beginning of your relationship. How many of these things does your man do for you?

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