10 Things We’ve Been Using Wrong All Our Lives; I Promise You Will Be Surprised

We have spent a lifetime doing them wrong, or wasting their wise design. And you, do you do it right or wrong?

We have spent a lifetime doing them wrong, or wasting their wise design, which is unknown to most human beings. It should be noted that all of us who have been using them incorrectly have a touch of creativity to invent a new use or way of existing.

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Read on and laugh at how we screw up and sometimes even make life more difficult.

1. The blue part of the eraser is not for erasing ink

How? Yes, now you understand why it never worked when you wanted to erase the ink from the paper. Most of us have spent our lives thinking that the red part was for the pencil and the blue for the ink, however, the blue is designed to erase things that are written in pencil on thicker paper. If you used for red part to erase pencil, it would cause the paper to stain.

2, Did you see the hole in the soda cans?

How to keep the straw from rising out of your soda can from LifeProTips

It is not there for decoration, it is right there where you must insert the straw so that it does not rise and come out due to the soda gas.

3. The loops of shirts and coats are not an adornment that has to do with fashion

For added convenience, this beautiful loop on the back of your shirt exists so that when you take it off you can easily hang it up, in case you have to wear it in a bit. Others say that it was added to hide a handkerchief that is fastened there.

4. That little, tiny hole in the airplane window is not an ornament.

It is there to balance the pressure between the outside and the inside of the ship, without those small holes, the aircraft would explode.

5. The hole in the spoon of noodles is not for draining them.

To be honest, I always thought that that ridiculous hole in the middle of the spoon for scooping or serving the noodles was to get rid of the excess water left in the noodles. However, this hole is for you to place the noodles in the middle and lower them into the saucepan with boiling water.

I know, for me, it is easier with my hands than putting the hole in the hole.

6. The first buttonhole on the shirt is horizontal for a reason

Yes, they are all vertical, except for the first one which is horizontal. This is the one that supports the most pressure because it is at the base of your neck, the part of the shirt that, in general, remains tight to the neck of the wearer. The horizontal buttonhole is to prevent it from coming off.

7. It is for pocket watch, not for coins

We have all put coins, and other things in that little front pocket of the pants, but in reality, when it was designed in 1873 by Levi’s it was intended for men to put their pocket watch. That is why it is so small and deep, you can only remove what it has inside if it is attached to a chain.

8. The folds in the dressing containers are for enlargement, not an ornament.

The small paper containers that are used to place the mayonnaise or ketchup for the French fries, have a lot of folds around that they serve to stretch them and make them bigger, so you can add more toppings and not overflow when you dip the potatoes fried.

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9. The hole in the pan handle is not for hanging on the wall.

Although you can hang it from that hole at the end of the handle of the pan, its true purpose is to place the wooden spoon suspended so that you do not have to leave it inside or on the counter and stain everything or contaminate it when placing it in a place where there was raw meat.

10. The die cutting on the sides of the aluminum foil box has a function

If you push in on the ends of the box, the part of the cardboard that goes into it will serve to lock the roll of paper, so that it does not come out while you pull the other end to remove and cut the amount you need.

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