10 Things That Only Happen To Women In Movies That Are Completely Different In Real Life

Movies vs. real life. Think very well about what you want, because many times the last option is better than the first.

Who could live in a movie where everything came out to order? Well, that depends on the genre of the film that we are posing. But yes, in some moments of life – where things usually do not go in the best possible way – we usually imagine an alternate world where everything is different, in the best style of your favorite movie.

The point is that life is far from being like a movie, whatever type it is. That is a great relief, otherwise the existence of each human being would be an incessant succession of clich├ęs.

Well, since life is not a movie, here are 10 things that only happen to women in movies, but are far from happening in real life.

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1. No “superhero” is going to save you from your failures in life

At some point you have surely wished for a man to appear out of nowhere to “save” you from a bad choice. The point is that many of them are the wrong choice, and you will have to be the hero of your life. Only you will rescue yourself and when you are ready, you may be the one to rescue the man in your life.

2. Perhaps remotely one morning you will receive the news that you are the heir to an unimaginable fortune

As much as we hope to be the lucky heiresses of an uncle who died frozen on an excursion to Everest – as in The Inheritance of Mr. Deeds – and that our terrible financial situation will change overnight, the chances of that happening are as remote as meeting Superman.

3. Realize one day that your father is a God of Olympus

Although the Percy Jackson film series is very interesting and entertaining, the point is that life is sometimes so monotonous that the closest thing to being a demigod is that one day you realize that your parents did “magic” to educate you in a decent way and be the good person you are today.

4. A taxi will never be waiting for you when you need it most

It is a typical scene from many movies that never occurs in real life, since when you need a taxi most is when it is least present, or everyone who passes by is busy and you have to wait a long time until someone makes the route .

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5. Let two handsome characters dispute your love

And who in moments of going through a love breakup has not imagined it? There is nothing more distant and unreal than that. What is more typical that it happens is that many notice you when you are in a relationship, but not a single attractive person looks at you with interested eyes when you are single.

6. You will never read the minds of the opposite sex after receiving an electric shock

I wish it could, but the only thing you could win after that type of accident is a severe headache, hospitalization or a short circuit at home, depending on the magnitude of it. Get ready to brand new household appliances. If you expect something similar to what you see in the movie to happen to you, what do women think about?

7. You will not find in your mailbox, under the door of your house or in your post office box, the letter of your long-awaited love who writes you over time

A beautiful film by Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, who separated in time for 2 years, manage to communicate through the mailbox of the same house where they lived at different times ( The Lake House ). But that will EVER happen and you don’t need me to tell you. If a person wants things to happen, he must make it happen, but in a more grounded way.

8. Receive letters from your dead husband

Don’t be scared, it’s not a horror movie. In “Postada: I love you” , after a time of being married to a wonderful man who dies of a brain tumor, Hillary Swank (well, her character) is left a widow. But every so often she receives a letter from her deceased husband, among some other details that make her life more enjoyable in the midst of the pain of loss. Maybe it happens, maybe, but it’s very remote.

9. That men have clear ideas about you, but more importantly, that you know it

IMPROVABLE Your love life may be very close to being like one of the stories in Just doesn’t love you, but maybe you won’t meet the man of your dreams who cared to advise you. It may take you much longer to rebuild your life after a divorce, and the love of your life may propose to you, but you don’t know that, and so on. Love life is the closest thing to betting on the wheel of fortune, no more, no less.

10. Let a change in style fix your life

In The Devil Wears Prada (or in Fashion) the life of the character played by Anne Hathaway receives the help of an assistant to look very different from who she is, all to please her terrible boss (Meryl Streep). However, that refers to the loss of her love and many conflicts, to finally appreciate the life she had before and return to her roots, only with a little more class.

But in real life, nobody is going to give you designer bags, shoes and clothes, nor are you going to rub shoulders with the most fashionable ones. Clear! Unless you are part of the world of fashion or you own a brand.

Many of the above do not happen in real life and that need not be said. Even so, it is so beautiful and so rich, full of ups and downs, that by itself the existence of every human being deserves an Oscar for the best effort to seek happiness and personal fulfillment.

Watch it with humor, it’s just things that happen.

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