10 Things Mature Women Would Never Do To Their Husband (or Their Boyfriend)

Do you do them? You will end up losing it.

If there is something that men look for in a woman, it is her emotional maturity. Emotionally mature women would never do these things, and therefore romantic relationships are not a complication for them.

Emotional maturity is not reached with age, but with practice, life, experiences and why not, taking note of what mature women would not do in the same situation as ours.

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1. They would never put that man EVER first

Part of their maturity is accompanied by security, and this security leads them to know and understand that they must put themselves first and that their well-being and happiness are as important as that of their man.

2. They would never show more skin than necessary

They know that sensuality does not mean going out with almost no clothes. They understand that in these cases, the less they show and the more they insinuate, the more positive attraction they will generate in the man they want.

3. Drama is not part of their vocabulary

Things are thought twice (at least) and impulsive reactions just to form a scene or a scandal, are not an option. For these women how they are perceived by others is important, and for nothing would they create a drama for their partner (to claim something, civilized dialogue was created).

4. They never pretend that something does not bother them, if in fact it is the opposite

Without creating drama or a scene, these women know that hiding that something bothered or hurt them, just so that their partner does not get upset, is the worst mistake (sooner or later you will explode and things will be worse).

5. They never try to find themselves, because they are very clear about who they are

Part of emotional maturity comes with the discovery of who we really are and where we want to go. This helps a relationship run smoothly and if you’re still alone, find the kind of man who will make you happy.

6. They never play detective

My mom always says that the man who wants to cheat on you will find a way to do it. So there is no need to go around getting bad blood checking everything.

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7. They never use texting as THE way to communicate with their partner.

Things are said face to face, and if it is not possible, they are discussed over the phone. The texts are for emergencies or short things like I love you or I miss you.

8. They would never change who they really are for ANY man

These changes never go well, and they know for a fact that the only way to be happy is to be who you really are. Personality or dream sacrifices are never justified and always end in a breakup.

9. They would never tell a man that they are not looking to have a serious relationship if that is a lie.

They call white, white, and black, black. They do not believe in manipulation games and would never enter the manipulation game in which most women fall in order to conquer a man, which in the long run they end up losing.

10. They never beg for love

They know that love is felt or not; It is given without being asked and it is NEVER begged for love.

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