10 Signs Your Husband Might Have Cancer

The “macho” idea that a large percentage of the Latino population still has, mainly, has caused a large number of men to lose their lives because they do not go to the doctor on time and this thanks to the fear of a review.

Much is said that men are the strong gender. However, when it comes to tolerating pain, women are more resistant, and for example there is the issue of childbirth. For this reason, when a woman has an ailment it is easier for her to externalize it to go to a doctor and be cured, a situation that does not happen with a man and less so when said ailment can be a symptom of a serious disease.

On the other hand, there are also those who minimize any strange or different sensation or simply do not attend to certain changes or signs that their body may present. It is necessary, then, that you be aware of your husband and carefully observe her habits, her way of eating, her diet and her body, in general.

Read carefully the following points, which may be indicators of a possible health problem for your husband:

1. Breast cancer

If you have chest pains, any changes in the nipples such as color, sagging, wrinkling of the skin, scales and a lump, could be signs of cancer or a benign tumor. The lump or ball can also be a fat abscess.

2. Testicular cancer

Although it is almost imperceptible, it should be checked carefully and make sure that there is no hard lump or heaviness in the scrotum, growth or reduction, that there is no pain or any inflammation is detected.

3. Prostate cancer

This condition has several signs: difficulty urinating or change in color of fluids, pain in the hip, abdomen, groin and thighs.

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4. Lymphoma or leukemia

Perceivable by a lump or swelling in the area of ​​the lymph nodes, neck or armpits; however, this tends to respond to other conditions. Undue fever can also be an indicator.

5. Pancreatic cancer

Having gray stools, dark urine, itching all over the body, and severe pain in the stomach can be signs of this type of condition, which, according to some scientists, is also linked to depression.

6. Throat cancer

Voice change or hoarseness that does not go away in two weeks; constant cough or sore throat, pain when swallowing and ears, shortness of breath, weight loss and lump in the neck

7. Lung cancer

Tiredness, loss of appetite, dry or phlegmy cough or blood; difficulty breathing. Symptoms do not always occur, but until the tumor has spread to other organs near the lung.

8. Stomach cancer

Vomiting with or without blood, swelling or accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, discomfort in this area (above the navel), abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea, and a feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen when eating a small portion of food.

9. Foot cancer or melanoma

Basically, this condition is usually detected by means of a mole, either new or an existing one that has changed in size, shape or color or that looks different from others. Other warning signs are redness beyond the border, a sore that cannot heal, itching, pain, or tenderness.

10. Colon cancer

Changes in bowel rhythm, blood in the stool, intestinal pain or discomfort, loss of appetite and weight without change in daily diet, and increased physical activity, as well as constant fatigue.

As you may have realized, not all of these are symptoms that point to a safe tumor, but it is not worth keeping this in mind so that you are alert and if you have any doubts that may arise, you go to a doctor immediately to dismiss concerns or seek care immediate.

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