10 Signs You Are Falling In Love

Much more happens to your body than butterflies in the stomach. Find out.

Everything that is said about love sounds trite, and even somewhat corny. That the butterflies in the stomach this, that touch the sky with the hands that. And all that that love marketing shows us.

But there is an undeniable reality. We came to this world to love. And if not, look around you, and all that the human being seeks throughout his life is to feel loved and to love. And the perpetuation of our species begins most of the time for a fact: being in love.

What science says about love

Stephanie cacioppo, a neuroscientist at the University of Chicago, says that for years she has described love as a basic instinct in human beings, and for the expert, love not only connects us emotionally to other people, but also improves our behavior.

That is, the more we fall in love, the better people we will be. Meanwhile, according to experts from theHarvard University, love has different phases, very different from each other, ranging from passionate infatuation to attachment.

On the other hand, Richard Schwartz and Jacqueline Olds, professors at the Harvard Medical School, suggest that the phase of “romantic” love is maintained for a time to maintain our survival. That is, to perpetuate the species.

The signs of love

Whether you feel butterflies in your stomach, you get nervous and anxious when you see your love, and you go crazy thinking about how long until you see him, there are many signs that can indicate that you are falling in love with that person, or that you already have. you are (and hopelessly).

1 You look for excuses for the meeting

Any excuse is good to plan a meeting, or simply to find it there in a surprising way. You don’t have to go buy bread, but you know he lives nearby, then suddenly oh, I ran out of bread! You don’t want to admit it, but you are falling in love! And if you are already with your partner and both are in love, they will always have a justification for the meeting. Because two arrow hearts cannot live apart.

2 You feel like you have it all

You are falling in love because that person has everything. Or at least, everything that you consider important. He is someone who is attentive, who you can trust, he is helpful, empathetic, affectionate, familiar, and all the virtues that you see and that you cannot find in anyone else.

According to scienceThis feeling that he is unique and there is no one on earth who can cause you the sensations that he causes you, has its explanation in the hormones dopamine, serotonin and noreprinephrine, which are released during attraction.

3 You don’t see its flaws

And as a consequence of the previous point, you are so blindly in love that you cannot see their flaws. Falling in love is a phase in which we can only see the virtues of the other and all that we love.

It should be noted that this only happens in this first phase of falling in love, because then, over time, you begin to see their defects. Of course, if love is anchored in the strength of the relationship, there will be no defects that love destroys.

4 You compare it

You start by seeing everything he has that others don’t have. You convince yourself that he is much better than any other man and even better than any partner you have ever had.

They say comparisons are tedious, but when you are in love, they are simply unavoidable.

5 That person goes through your head at any time, and almost all day

His image slips into your thoughts like never before. Your face and her tone of voice have been anchored in your brain, and you cannot get it out of your head, as you do with that song about you cannot stop singing in silence.

And the well-being that this produces in you translates into that feeling that you cannot explain. You are falling in love.

6 You imagine a future with him

You start to fantasize a future with him like never before. You want to get married, have children, and grow old with him. You plan many things, but always with him as a partner. And if you are lucky that he is falling in love with you too, be sure that the same thing will happen to him, because it is a lie that men do not fall in love. When a man falls in love, he will never want to let his queen go.

7 change your priorities

Now you will realize that you want to see what plans come up with him first, before with your friends. And it is not a question of withdrawing into the couple and leaving friends aside, but in this phase of infatuation it is easy to succumb to the magic that happens in our brain when we fall in love.

And then, not only will your friends understand you, but they will encourage you to continue nurturing the romance, leading to a strong and unbreakable relationship.

8 You want to help him in his pain

It hurts you to see him sad about the loss of a loved one, or any other event that makes him feel bad. You feel an irrepressible desire to help him and little by little it takes hold in you protective instinct that all women have.

Wanting to help him and feeling his pain on your own skin is an irrefutable sign that you are falling in love, or that you already are.

9 you become somewhat possessive

You want it just for yourself. You need to be her center of attention and you want her to only have eyes to see you. This possessive institute is one of the weapons of our human biology to ensure thespecies survival.

So, you want to do everything with him, go everywhere with him, and try to spend most of your time by his side. But beware, there is a very fine line from there to unhealthy jealousy, and that you should never cross if you want that incipient love to prosper.

10 You have the certainty that passion will last forever

A certainty that has no scientific basis. Well, for experts, that infatuation, unfortunately comes to an end. The intense passion and infatuation at the beginning slowly cools into what psychologists call attachment.

But fear not, that what comes next is as beautiful and gratifying as the infatuation at the beginning.

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful sensations we can experience. Enjoy it in all its splendor and cultivate it so that this phase goes to the next level and becomes a love for life.


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