10 Reasons Why Your Brother Is The Most Important Man In Your Life

Experts REVEAL one of life’s greatest MYSTERIES.

Two months ago I gave him the most precious inheritance that I could give to my son Santiago, only 8 years old, his younger brother. And I am convinced that one of the most valuable treasures that she will have for the rest of her days will be her brother, Gabriel.

And although now both fail to measure the importance of having each other, they will be able to do so over the years when they discover the following:

  • They will be your main support

There is no doubt that it is we, the parents, who must educate the children, but it is the brothers who can always support each other, when we are no longer in this world.

  • They may be accomplices

Surely it won’t matter what the others say, as long as you both know that you can count on the other to witness your greatest failures and greatest triumphs. Without having to deal with prejudice or false friendships.

  • They will learn to laugh together

No matter how many years apart they may be, they will always have good reason to laugh at themselves and learn that going through life without joy is not having lived long enough.

  • They will share a story and their codes

Few people can become as complicit as brothers, because they share codes of the way they have been raised. Something that few around him will be able to decipher.

  • They will have someone to defend them unconditionally

It does not matter if the motive is a fight over something insignificant or if it is to fight against the bigger enemies. They will know that they will have a support to be able to fight the world if necessary.

  • They will know unconditional love

Although, they know this from our perspective as parents, because we are always reminding them how much we love them. They will know that this love is also felt for the brothers, because they are the only ones who will stay when everyone has left.

  • They will never be alone again

My son used to repeat over and over again that he felt lonely, because neither friends nor schoolmates could reach that void that formed when he closed the door of our house at the end of the day.

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  • Develop patience

Without a doubt, having siblings is not an easy matter, since dealing with personalities that can sometimes be totally opposite to yours is not something easy to handle. But they must learn to tolerate themselves with patience.

  • They will learn the value of forgiveness

Needless to mention, all siblings have fights, some more serious than others, but all solvable. Then they will know that asking for forgiveness is something that far from humiliating, magnifies and strengthens.

  • Sharing will be a daily matter

While they are young they will learn the value of having to share time, space and affection. Which will make them more tolerant of the inner circle they will form in their adult lives.

Without a doubt, having a brother is having a treasure. And I invite you to value it today, because we do not know when we may need the hug of one of them to move forward.

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