10 Mistakes With Dire Consequences If You Let Your Daughter Dress Carelessly

What is harvested is sown and when young girls were born in our garden, we cannot leave everything to nature, it is our duty to fertilize, prune and fumigate constantly because there is every worm…!

I thought about my three daughters and I couldn’t help but feel very happy and grateful for their lives. It was not easy to raise, feed, educate and discipline them. It took a lot of work, effort, prayers, gentleness, and firmness. All of that is behind those cheerful women who still run around the house fighting when they get together.

I remembered all that work that my husband and I shared and that every night we fell exhausted. Often there was no money to adjust or meet their needs. I remembered all this because recently a young mother felt dejected and exhausted, as I felt many times, and trying to encourage her I told her that all her effort is worth it, that it is possible and that the fruit that is harvested is delicious ! But…. here comes the terrible but …

As an undeniable and immovable law of nature, what is harvested is sown, and when young girls were born in our garden, we cannot leave everything to nature, so it is our duty to constantly fertilize, prune and fumigate those flowers because … there is every worm that can spoil the fruit!

One of the points on which we must pay special attention with our daughters – perhaps they will criticize me or there will be those who do not agree – has to do with the way in which we allow them to dress and conduct themselves through life.

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Why? Here are just ten reasons to explain the terrible consequences that this entails:

1. The dirt of the body

No child should get used to dirt, not in their home, their environment or their person. One issue is working or playing in the garden and ending up with a “mud soup,” finishing and bathing, not cleaning your body and not feeling discomfort from smelling bad or putting on dirty clothes. The consequences: it is not only a bad habit or a “stage”, it is infections, diseases, rejection or social discrimination and an affectation in terms of self-perception and self-esteem, a trigger for depression and major problems in adulthood.

2. Lack of personal care

It is one thing to have old clothes, few and to have to wear them over and over again, and quite another is to bring torn pants and not sew them, a blouse without buttons and put “improvised” insurance on it; These details speak of a lack of personal care.

3. Hypersexualization of girls

Of the many harmful things of this time, there is one that spreads like a plague in spring and it is the act of robbing girls of their childhood by dressing them as little women or display figurines, highlighting their attributes when they still do not appear! Skipping a sensitive and developmental period in humans has fatal consequences. Parents who applaud their little girls when they dress provocatively only sow tears when their precious daughters are abused. Keep a sharp eye out so your little daughters aren’t pedophile snacks. Especially for this eroticized time that we live.

4. I want to be like a celebrity

Allowing and even encouraging young women to wear excessively expensive, fashionable or copying “styles” of a celebrity distorts self-perception, moves away from the authentic I am, “because I want to be like her” and inhibits the development of personality .

5. Highlighting feminine virtues is an art

The female body is beautiful and is designed to attract the attention of males but in their proper time and form; therefore, prudence in highlighting attributes is one of the feminine virtues that becomes an art.

6. Not too short, not too long

Our daughters, I believe, must learn that according to their way of dressing and conducting themselves in life they will attract certain types of men and the shortness of the skirt or shorts would seem to be “directly proportional” to the type of gentleman who will have their Attention. Now, I’m not saying that girls should walk in a skirt that I drag to the floor, no! No way! Extremes are always harmful.

7. Too much cleavage exhibits and evidence

A woman who is capable of seducing with her mind rather than with “her charms in the air” is someone who can be taken seriously as a professional, worker, wife or mother. Unfortunately, the world continues to judge women with double harshness and morality. Don’t put your daughters in a vulnerable situation.

8. Dress speaks of our interior

There is nothing written or law that says that wearing a certain color causes harm, but it is well known that our clothing speaks of our interior. If our daughter begins to dress “peculiar”, she may be seeking our attention. It is not the same to wear the shirt that I like so much day and night, to start a compulsive or extreme behavior.

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9. Hide the body

Just as excessive fitting shows too much, seeking “to cover everything” may be warning us of developing complexes (particularly in adolescence), sadly. As soon as girls start to grow up, they put aside playing sports or any other performing arts. They limit themselves because they don’t like their bodies and they hide behind too baggy clothes.

Another “red light” may be to cover the body to hide self-injury, drug use or the beginning of the experimentation of romance with boys. Keep alert.

10. Share clothes

Not only can it be unsanitary, and maybe you’ll accuse me of exaggeration, but theft can be involved, gifts from strangers and the like. If clothes appear in your home or your daughter brings clothes that you did not buy or are of doubtful origin, do not stop investigating and put things in their place.

“The apple does not fall far from the tree where it was born.” Having daughters is a blessing that will never cease to fill you with satisfaction, but do your best every day in their care and education.

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