10 Excellent Keys So That You Are The One Who Controls Your Body And Soul

The human being has as one of its primary purposes to achieve happiness. For this, it is essential that mind and body are in balance.

The human being has as one of its primary purposes to achieve happiness. For this, it is essential that mind and body are in balance.

The famous author, Deepak Chopra, in his book “Bodies without age, Minds without time” lists a series of ten keys to achieve an active control of our body and, as a consequence, a perfect balance with our spirit. It seems difficult, but it is just a matter of using the tools at our disposal to fully appreciate the importance of our lives.

1. Listen to your body

Our body is wise. We are pure energy in motion, which is why your body signals when it feels comfort or discomfort. When you have to make a decision that you are not sure of, listen to your body, which will surely give you some signal.

2. Live in the present

This moment is perfect and it is so because God and the Universe wanted it that way. Do not fight against the Universe, try to adapt and achieve the best version of your own present. It is important to keep your attention in the here and now, so you will ensure the future you long for.

3. Make time for silence

Many times we need an inner dialogue with ourselves. Bringing silence and stillness to our spirit will have a positive impact on our body, and on our daily life. Make time to meditate, or to pray, and it is in that moment that you will connect with the deepest part of your being. You can be surprised by all the sensations that surround your body, and you will even notice sensations never before experienced. Inner silence is a friend of intuition, which helps us when making big decisions.

4. Don’t always seek external approval

You must consider discovering the infinite value that lives in yourself. Although we estimate the opinion of others, sometimes it is necessary to listen only to ourselves and trust our decisions. This way you will achieve greater freedom.

5. Don’t be always on the defensive

Remember that when you see yourself reacting with anger to events or people, you are fighting against yourself. Try to give up your anger and you will see that everything will flow more healthily.

6. Use the relationship mirror

Remember that the external world reflects your own internal reality. The people to whom your reaction is strongest, whether it is love or hate, are projections of your inner world. What you hate the most about another person is probably what you deny the most about yourself. Have you thought about?

7. Free yourself from prejudices

When you judge other people you are straying from the path of understanding and forgiveness, two fundamental elements to heal body and soul. When you prejudge someone you are denying your own ability to accept yourself. The more you forgive, the more you will love yourself.

8. Do not contaminate yourself

Your body is the container that you bring in this life. Don’t contaminate yourself with toxic products, but don’t contaminate yourself with toxic emotions either. Everything that passes through our body affects our physical and mental health. Take care of your body and your soul.

9. Away fears

Fears keep us from moving forward. Don’t spend energy on bad memories. Do not give place to fear and motivate yourself in love, which is the vehicle to face any threat.

10. Understand that the physical world is just the mirror of a higher intelligence

We are part of a whole. You are a fundamental part in this world, you must not allow yourself to live with a toxic mind. Live in peace and tranquility to contribute your grain of sand to this world.

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