10 Beings In Your Life That Need You To Express How Much You Love Them This Season

The best gift for these holidays: express love to your loved ones. Here we give you some ideas and show you why it is so important to show love to others.

How does your family receive the new year? Do you celebrate Christmas ?. Each family is a world. There are some who celebrate big, others who prefer to do something simpler. There are those who have money and those who have to adjust their expenses. There are those with a large family and those with three people.

But, although there are differences between us, there is a common factor that unites us. Everyone, absolutely everyone needs affection. It is something inherent to the human being, one of our basic needs.

And the holiday season is an especially sensitive time for many people. Perhaps they have lost a loved one. I know the case of a family whose father died on December 31, therefore they do not celebrate. Others may be out of work or have been left by their partner. They may not have any particular problem but it is essential to be able to express love to others, to all those who are part of our close circle.

Sometimes we think that others know that we love them. But, even if they know it, it is important to show them how much you love them with actions and by verbalizing love.

That is why today we tell you something about those ten beings that need you to express how much you love them at these holidays:

Couple: A special pampering for the most special person in your life. Make him feel that it is an honor to share life with him.

Children: They are the treasures of your life. They more than anyone need to be told how much you love them, how proud you are of them, making them feel that they will always have your support in everything they need. And, above all, that affection is the most important gift, the material is something superficial. That way we will be raising neither

Father: If you are lucky enough to have your father alive, let him know all your love. In the event that he is no longer with you, speaking a few words to him in a symbolic way can bring peace to your heart or say a prayer if you are a believer.

Mother: That woman who gave you the best deserves all your love and respect. Give her a hug, show her how much you love her. Invite her to take part in the Christmas preparations if she wishes. It will be a nice moment to share.

Brothers: Your brothers should not be left out. There may not be money to give gifts but you can write them a letter reminding them of some of the shared childhood experiences. This, coupled with a huge hug, will be a nice way to show them how much you love them.

Grandparents: If you have the grace to have your grandparents alive, take advantage and thank them for all the love they have given you. They need your affection and the holidays are a time when they need to feel accompanied. We never know how much time we will have to share with them, the same happens with the whole family but especially with the elderly, so let’s enjoy them!

Uncles: Maybe they are members that because they have their own family, we don’t pay as much attention to them. But remember they need your affection too. Therefore, giving them a little attention as a symbolic gift or a phone call will be a good idea to make them smile.

Friends: Don’t miss the opportunity to express your gratitude and your affection to that friend who is always present, that person who accompanies you through thick and thin. Ask him who he spends the holidays with. You may be alone and don’t want to say anything. It is a good opportunity to invite him to share the table.

Yourself: Although it may seem strange to you, you also need to show love to yourself. In what way ?: taking care of yourself, respecting yourself, listening to your body in its needs, giving you time to rest and relax.

Pets: Pets are part of the family. They suffer a lot from the noises of the fireworks. So pamper them with a caress, playing with them and with your children.

Remember that everything we give we get back. There are many things we can do to show our family this holiday season how we feel about them:

Smile at them and tell them how much you love them.

Make symbolic gifts: a poem, a phrase, a craft. A detail that says how much you appreciate them.

Prepare something tasty. Food is a beautiful way to show what you feel.

In the case of your more distant friends or relatives, invite them to share the holidays with you.

Call them on the phone and ask how they are.

Listen carefully when you chat with them. Listening to the other in an interested way is a fabulous gift, showing how much we love them.

Showing affection feeds our soul and our heart. A 20-second hug has been shown to produce a therapeutic effect, it makes our body secrete a hormone called oxytocin, which produces well-being: it helps us relax and calm anxieties. Other benefits: it encourages altruism and empathy, it connects us with the other in a special way. Some say it strengthens the immune system and improves blood flow. Therefore, hug your loved ones often and they will live in a happier and more harmonious way. Showing affection strengthens the family and helps prevent coexistence problems.

Finally, although love must be shown on a daily basis, take advantage of these holidays to tell your family how much you love them. That is the true meaning of this time, do not let in the voragine of gifts and meetings you miss the essence of the end of the year parties.

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