10 Basic Measures That You Should Know To Guarantee The Safety Of Your Children In These Times

You can shield your children from so much insecurity and violence. Here I tell you what you must do to achieve it.

If someone asks us what we love the most, no doubt we all think of our family, and particularly our children. A constant concern in parents is to ensure the safety of those we love, and it frustrates and baffles to see that there are more and more dangers or risks they take when being away from home.

Who wouldn’t like to have insurance that guarantees that nothing bad will happen to them? Unfortunately, no insurance company sells such a thing; However, there are two things that give us that security: homeschooling and our prayer for them.

Very difficult situations are experienced. Just taking the Mexican case as an example, I share some data that will make our hair stand on end when we realize the risks that children and youth run in this country.

1. It is the

country in the world where bullying is most suffered

2. We have a sad

first place in the world in child sex trafficking.

3. We have the


world place in the production of child pornography on the internet, out of 192 countries.

4. Mexico occupies the

2nd in the world as an exporter of victims of human trafficking (after Thailand).


First place

worldwide in kidnappings

It can happen to all of us!

What makes us think that it will never happen to us? It is increasingly common to find someone who has lived through some stormy or unfortunate event of insecurity, from a simple robbery, to cases of disappearances, kidnappings or rapes. Given this, I share the 10 safety tips that every parent should discuss with their children to protect them against this sad scenario.

1. Fluent and open communication

The best way to be aware of your child’s safety is to know what is wrong with him and how his world moves. If there is no clear and constant communication, you will not be able to notice the risks: bad company, carelessness in schedules, unhealthy entertainment, and so on.

2. Zero taboos

Maybe you control what he reads and what he watches on television, but you don’t know what he talks about with his friends or with so many people with whom your child lives. Therefore, he treats appropriately and at his age all matters that represent a risk to his integrity, be it physical, moral or spiritual. Unfortunately, given the negative influence of the media, on many issues, we are already late.

3. Awareness of his dignity as a person

The excesses that we live today and violence in general have their origin in the null respect for the human person: the value of life has a price, sexuality is a hobby and the laws go against the same man. You have to work hard to recognize and love your person.

4. Evil exists

Robberies, robberies, rapes and executed are the news every day. I know you want to protect your child as much as possible, but you cannot put him in a bubble and isolate him from the world. Teach him to trust others but also to be cautious and even distant with strangers.

5. Be observant

Most of the time, attacks on security are routine. Criminals study their victims before committing an offense. Learning your child to identify what is rare, new, or different in their environment can avoid potential risk.

6. Use the security key

Teach your children that in the event of any unforeseen event, if someone other than their relatives comes to look for them, they should always request a key or password that is established at home and that gives them the security that you have shared it with whoever wants to pick them up.

7. Delay your child’s access to social networks as much as possible

It is preferable that your child lives first with whoever is closest to him. The use of social networks opens the house to strangers, that your children avoid them until a reasonable age, nothing happens.

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8. Avoid routines and distractions while you go with your children on the street

Most crimes are committed when the victim is distracted; using the cell phone, running in a hurry to be on time, or taking care of the children without seeing the surroundings. Be aware while walking down the street.

9. Reduce risks at home

Teach them not to open the door without an adult, not to talk to strangers anymore: they can scare them or even extort money from them.

10. My body is mine

Educate them in modesty, no one has to access their privacy, for any reason, there is nothing more to explain. Your body is yours.

With these strategies, you will make your children strong and you will feel much more secure. Add lots of daily prayer for your loved ones and enjoy life! You already have the basics covered.

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