The Race Of Being Mothers

Few people consider the work of being a mother a career; However, it is not only a career, but a job that impacts generations, there is no more difficult or influential job. I remember that awkward conversation where I was asked if I had already returned to work — bear in mind that my little

Daughters In College? Protect Them From Alcohorexia!

Anorexia, alcoholism, bouts of bulimia, and self-destructive behaviors haunt young people, especially college girls. Janice was very late again, and although she was trying to hide it, she was drunk. Lately he overreaches at parties, which are becoming more frequent and longer. At first her father thought it was a good idea for Janice to

Find Out How To Prepare For A Normal Delivery! New Study Reveals How To Avoid The Operating Room On The Most Important Day Of Your Life

How to bring your baby in the cutest way, if you start by following these steps from the beginning. Women, naturally and ancestrally, are prepared to give birth. No one has “taught” a woman how to bring a child into the world, but it is true that there are various factors that promote natural childbirth