Do Your Children Snore When They Sleep? A Third Of Children Who Snore Suffer From Sleep Apnea, A Silent And Deadly Disease

Know its symptoms! The only way to detect it before it is too late is by knowing its symptoms and observing your children when they sleep. Not many parents are familiar with this health problem, which is usually discovered when symptoms appear and are most obvious (sometimes it may be too late). Mia’s parents believe

Christmas Alone Is Also Worthwhile

You may be away from your loved ones, but you will never be alone at Christmas. It was not a day like any other, it was Christmas; however, everything was different from previous years; I was alone in another country and very far from my family. Not that December 24, 2011 was to be spent

Why Is There Bullying (bullying)?

We complain a lot about what is wrong, but few of us are committed to doing things right and for the better. Some time ago I saw a beautiful video in which a boy asked Santa Claus to stop bothering his twin sister, Amber, who suffers from obesity at school. The truly emotional letter speaks

Being In Love Will Make You Gain Weight

These are the reasons! Before getting married, I used to strictly watch my diet and exercise daily, to avoid gaining weight. I felt fabulous, attractive and full of energy. I had all the time to take care of my physique. But when I fell in love everything changed. I had a courtship that lasted a